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How InnerAsking Subliminal MP3s Work For You…

  • Uses Direct, NLP-Question Subliminals

    Most subliminal audio companies  try to force their beliefs into your head. We use the power of direct, positive NLP-questions to stimulate your own subconscious to create it’s own empowered beliefs. And isn’t your brain better at creating new beliefs for you than some stranger?

  • Doesn't Cause Inner Conflict Like Most Products

    Most products out there use direct-command affirmations that cause strong inner-conflict. The result is that you can get the very OPPOSITE results than you wanted. Inner Asking uses positive questions that the brain loves to accept.

  • Uses Patented Brain Entrainment Technology

    We use unique, patented  brain entrainment technology that naturally places your mind into the perfect, hypnotic brain statedelivering success up to 10 times faster.

  • 8 products in 1 - designed to MULTIPLY your results!

    With Inner Asking, we don’t just give you one or two simple subliminal tracks. We give you a complete set of EIGHT unique tracks that complement each other – for deep, fast results.

Each InnerAsking Set Comes With…

  • 4 Subliminal-Only Soundscape Tracks

    No more boring or corny music to sit through. Each Inner Asking set comes with FOUR relaxing soundscapes: 1) Healing Beach, 2) Magical Forest, 3) Cleansing Thunder and Rain and 4) Relaxing Wind Chimes.

  • 1 Silent Subliminal Track

    This track allows you to enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge, Inner Asking subliminals without having to listen to constant sound.

  • 2 Brain Entrainment Tracks

    You get the powerful combination of both patented, hypnotic brain entrainment and Inner Asking subliminals and it comes in two tracks, 15-minute and 30-minute tracks, so you can decide what works for your schedule.

  • 1 Sleep Programming Track

    Get an exclusive Sleep programming track to harness the power of your most receptive state …and get a great night sleep.