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Recently, I went through the Focus Map Journey and have since realized a variety of benefits that have moved me closer to my wealth goals.  As Brian guided me through the brainstorming process, I began to really understand the potential value of this effort.  Prior to my focus map session, I was unclear on how to make meaningful steps towards my dreams, however after this experience, I am clear on which actions I should focus on.

The recommendations from the focus map session have inspired me to participate in multiple professional events such as conferences, round table discussions and executive thought leadership sessions.  As a result, I am establishing myself as a subject matter expert to a captive audience while also growing my network with over 10 new meaningful and relevant professional contacts.  This distinction is critical to monetizing my value proposition.

I encourage everyone to go through the Focus Map Journey to get clarity on their goals and actionable steps to achieving their wildest dreams.

Jeff Carson

VP - Analytics, Customer Journey, Insights & Operations

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