A Comprehensive Guide on How to Build Confidence


When we were still little children, we were very excited in trying things that we may have never done before. Both ignorance and innocence have shielded us from the unnecessary feeling of fear. During those times, we did not worry about being laughed at, and whether or not we would be hurt when we fall. Have you ever observed a toddler learning to walk? Every time he or she falls down, yes, he or she may cry, but the exciting feeling of standing up again, doing everything again takes priority. This is because young children enjoy the challenges involved in discovering, and mastering things that are new to them. At a very young age, children start to learn how to build confidence.


The Journey Continues


Even though we exert every effort in learning how to build confidence, our confidence slowly ebbs down. When we face situations that are new to us, we oftentimes use words such as: ‘What if I can’t?’ ‘What if I get rejected?’ We slowly develop the attitude of becoming cautious, and we begin to hold back, preferring to stay on the safe side even though we may not like it. If you really want to know how to build confidence, there are things that you need to work on.


The first thing that saps our confidence out from us is being a perfectionist. When this happens, you become your own enemy. You will never be satisfied with everything that you do since you may feel that all of them are not good enough and that it could have been better. Some people end up not getting started at all since they may be continuously on the lookout of the perfect timing. This may result to years of not being able to accomplish a single thing.


Another problem happens when you start to worry about what other people say or think. Some may be just too overly concerned that we end up feeling paranoid that our intentions may be misinterpreted. We may worry that the meanings might be misread. Learning how to build confidence with such emotion is a struggle. We oftentimes think that we have already fallen even before we have started. The secret here is to just do it, as long as your conscience allows it. All of your friends will have their own different opinions, but that is true regardless of your actions.


Also, make sure that you don’t dwell on comparing yourself to others. It is the biggest killer of confidence, as there is no right or wrong most of the times. Your own perceptions will just hunt you down. Therefore, as you learn how to build confidence, you need to just be

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