applies an exclusive breakthrough subliminal MP3 technique that combines positive, directed NLP questions and patented brainwave entrainment for greatly increased results.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

Inner Asking (, a leader of breakthrough subliminal MP3 programs, is proud to announce advanced techniques in the way subliminal MP3s access the subconscious mind. Most subliminal message companies use outdated techniques that try to subliminally force affirmation commands into a person’s mind, which the brain soundly rejects. The exclusive method employed by Inner Asking harnesses the power of question subliminal messages and patented brainwave technology, which stimulates the mind to create its own new and empowering beliefs. This advanced method, applied across all its 20 different subliminal programs, is now available for download on their website.

“Many people who want real changes end up wasting time and money on ineffective subliminal MP3s – potentially causing intense inner-conflict in the subconscious mind,” explained Brian Shelton, director of Inner Asking. “However, when you start using positive, NLP subliminal questions and combine this with our patented brainwave entrainment technology, you naturally break down the defenses of your subconscious, making it open to positive changes. In the end, you’re spared from having to look for another self-help method or subliminal MP3.”

For further information on how Inner Asking applies these new strategies, users can view this 2 minute video clip:

Previously, over 90% of users who purchase subliminal MP3s relied on the old strategy of repeated affirmation commands. While other programs solely offered brainwave entrainment to stimulate certain desired brainwave states.

Inner Asking now offers a different way to allow subliminal messages to penetrate to the subconscious by using the power of positive questions combined with patented brainwave entrainment.

The new method not only produces results superior to most subliminal message programs but also avoids the “inner-conflict” pitfall secretly plaguing many subliminal products.

Each Inner Asking set includes the following:

  • 5 “anytime/ anywhere” subliminal tracks
  • 2 brain reprogramming tracks
  • 1 sleep programming track


Brian Shelton adds that while many programs offer only one or the other feature, Inner Asking makes all these advanced techniques readily available within a single subliminal MP3 product.

Lastly, users visiting can now enjoy a free 7-part mini course on “How to make deep, positive changes effortlessly” plus receive instant access to the online version of the “Deep Inner Peace” set – a total value of over $97, free for a limited time.

InnerAsking provides breakthrough subliminal MP3s that combine NLP question subliminal messages and patented brainwave entrainment to address a wide variety of issues. From confidence and focus to exercise motivation and abundance training, Inner Asking product sets are specifically designed to conveniently help busy people make deep, powerful changes.

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