Day 1 - The 5 Hidden Faces of Procrastination

Day 2 - The MAHR Framework

Day 3 - Conquer Overwhelm And Take Action Towards Your Goals

Day 4 - How To Develop A Laser Focus

Day 5 - Instantly Silence Your Negative Inner Voice & Sparks New Positive Thoughts And Action

Day 6 - Discover How To Banish Perfectionism In One Swift Blow, And Start Taking Imperfect Action More Often.

Day 7 - How To Stop Comparing Yourself Negatively to Others

7-Day "Break Free from Procrastination" Challenge - 7-Day "Break Free from Procrastination" Challenge

Day 2 – The MAHR Framework

In this lesson, you'll learn how to attack procrastination from every angle- ensuring its defeat!

How the MAHR Framework helps you overcome procrastination, take action & achieve your goals faster, without struggle.

You've probably tried a lot of things to achieve your goals.

You've probably read books, listened to podcasts, and attended seminars on goal setting and achieving success. You may have even tried techniques, such as visualization or positive affirmations.

But despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself stuck in a rut, struggling to get motivated and take action.

The problem isn't you! 

You're not lazy, undisciplined, or any of the other labels people try to put on you. The problem is that you're using the wrong framework to achieve your goals.

Most programs out there rely on outdated techniques, such as willpower and motivation. They tell you that if you just try hard enough, you'll eventually reach your goals. 

And when their "try harder" advice doesn't work, they blame you- not their system.

But the truth is, that willpower and motivation alone won't help you overcome procrastination or achieve your goals- and can often make things worse!

What you need is a different approach – an approach that takes into account how the human brain works and what motivates us to take action.

This is where the  MAHR Framework comes in.

The MAHR Framework is a simple but powerful framework for entrepreneurs that focuses on four essential pillars: 

  • Mindset
  • Action
  • Habit
  • Release

By focusing on these four pillars, entrepreneurs can create a business that is not only successful but sustainable. 

Pillar 1: Mindset

If you want to end procrastination, you have to start with your mindset. 

But what does "mindset" even mean? "Mindset" has been tossed around so much, that it's become a useless buzzword. 

Even worse, many people think mindset is nothing more than a change in beliefs, and if they just say a few affirmations, they will no longer procrastinate. 

This is so wrong!

The most effective way is to see mindset like an onion, made up of three layers: 

  • Possibility
  • Identity
  • Beliefs

We call this the PIB Mindset Model.

At the core is "possibility", which sets the tone for all the others. It determines what you think is possible, which in turn shapes your identity, and finally your beliefs

This creates a cyclical effect that impacts all aspects of your mindset. 

When one layer changes, it alters all the others in turn, making it essential to address them all.

Pillar 2: Action

When it comes to the MAHR Framework, the action pillar is essential. Without it, nothing else matters. 

We call it the "A over C" (Action Over Comfort) Pillar.

Hacked by neuroscience, the A over C pillar is all about learning to take action even when you don't feel like it

It's about understanding that discomfort is a natural part of the growth process and using it to your advantage. 

By taking action despite your fears and doubts, you train your brain to become bolder, more daring, and more courageous

This doesn't mean that you take unnecessary risks or put yourself in harm's way. But it does mean that you learn to take small, consistent steps outside of your comfort zone so that you can make real progress toward your goals. 

Small Actions Taken Consistently --> Big results

Waiting until you feel like it to take action --> Failure

So don't give up. Keep taking action, no matter what. 

Pillar 3: Habit

When it comes to ending procrastination, the "habit" pillar is crucial. 

Without a solid foundation of good habits, it's tough to make any real progress.

But here's the good news: you can change your habits, and you can start small. That's the key to success when it comes to habit change: start small.

The Tiny Habits Method

The Tiny Habits method was developed by BJ Fogg, one of the leading experts on habit change.

As a Certified Tiny Habits Coach, I'll show you a new and innovative way to create and "break" habits without relying on willpower or motivation.

And, on your "Customized Clarity" Call, you'll discover the 2-3 habits "you" must build now and the ones you must ignore.

Getting this wrong is the primary reason most entrepreneurs fail to reach their big goals...that's why I can't wait to go over this on our call!

Pillar 4: Release

The "release" pillar is an important, but often overlooked, step when it comes to ending procrastination. 

This pillar is all about accepting reality for what it is and then taking action from there. 

It can be tough to let go of the things that we can't control, but it's an important part of moving forward.

Note: Although it's the final pillar, many times when you feel stuck, THIS is the best pillar to implement.

7 Ways to practice the "release" pillar
  1. Identify the things you can control.
  2. Practice self-compassion.
  3. Let go of perfectionism.
  4. Embrace change and uncertainty.
  5. Surrender to the process
  6. Practice mindfulness/meditation
  7. Take a few deep, intentional breaths

Day 2 Challenge: APPLY the MAHR Framework


Using the PIB Mindset Model:

Possibility layer:

How much progress can you make towards your goal in 1 week? 

What if you could 10X that?!

Don't try to figure out how. Just feel what it would be like if you could. 

Ask yourself this question 3 times in the next 24 hours: "What if I could 10X my progress"?

Again, don't try to answer this question directly. Simply let it linger in your mind.

Identity layer: 

Imagine there's an alternate universe. And in this alternative universe exists a version of "you" that, by your current, has already achieved their ("your") goals. 

How does this version of "you" see themselves? What action-taking qualities do they possess? If they downloaded into your mind and body right now, how would they see your current challenges?

Each day of this challenge, commit to "downloading" this version of "you". 

How does it change how you see things?

Live FROM this powerful and successful version of yourself.

Belief layer:

The best way to change your beliefs is to question them. 

Pick one belief that you feel limits your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Why do you believe what you believe? 
  • Is it "always" true? 
  • If this belief were not true, who could you be? 
  • What could you now do?


Answer these questions:

1) What goal brought you to this 7-day challenge, the one you've been procrastinating on, the one that terrifies you the most?

2) What are you trying to achieve with this goal?

3) If you could wave a magic wand and get yourself, or anyone on your team, to do anything that would lead to your goal, what would you wish for? Make a list.

4) Pick one of the items on your list and spend 10 minutes doing it or something that supports its completion.

Don't overthink this. Anything that moves the needle even a little bit works.

For example, if you've been procrastinating on writing an email campaign, you could spend 5 minutes brainstorming a list of email subject lines.

Don't wait! Do this right now! 

The key is to do it even through you don't feel like it!

    In your "Customized Clarity" Call, you'll get clarity on exactly what "you" need to do right now to automate your success, and it's rarely what you think. 

    In fact, what most people think they should do "keeps" them stuck in endless procrastination.

    For now, spend the next 5 minutes taking action on your scariest goal.

     Remember to "wear" the 1-2 qualities you picked in the "Mindset" section as you complete today's "action" challenge.


    1) Make a list of the morning habits that you do automatically - without thinking! For example: make a cup of coffee, brush your teeth, etc.

    2) Pick 1-2 of your strongest existing automatic habits.

    3) Attach a habit you want, to one you already do.

    As a Certified Tiny Habits Coach,  one of the powerful tools I used to help entrepreneurs create automatic success is what BJ Fogg calls the "Tiny Habits Recipe"

    Here's the formula:

    After I [current habit], I will [desired habit].

    Now it's your turn to create a Tiny Habits recipe:

    Take the strong existing habit that you picked and one of the "magic wand" behaviors from the "Action" section and put them into a Tiny Habits Recipe like this:

    After I [strong existing habit that you picked], I will sit down for 10 minutes & work on ["magic wand" behavior from the "Action" section].

    There are a few critical nuances you must consider.

    We'll need to go over these caveats in your "Customized Clarity" Call...

    But for now, do this Tiny Habits Recipe for the next 6 days.


    List 5 things that help you disconnect and completely relax. 

    For instance: music, a warm shower, or meditation.


    Day 2 - COMPLETED!!

    After you've completed today's challenge, remember to celebrate and share your success in the comments below.

    For extra credit, celebrate and share your success with your friends and colleagues!

    Great job! 

    See you in tomorrow's challenge...

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